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CHOWCHOW [Apr 4, 2014] “LA’s Cheese Shop Sandwiches Are Amazing” by Justin Bolois

“A flavorful, handmade cheese gives you a sense of eating a delicious protein,” Clarke says. Sandwiches are on Vietnamese-style baguettes, crunchy but not too dense or hard.




Wherewomencook-logoWhere Women Cook [Dec 11, 2013] “Lydia & Marnie Clarke – Cheese Cave” – Lydia & Marnie Clarke – Cheese Cave

“Lydia and Marnie Clarke are sisters who grew up in a progressive dairy family in Southern California. In 2010, Lydia left her home in Napa to join Marnie, a former cheesemaker, to open Cheese Cave, an artisan cheese shop in Claremont.”




CHOWCHOW [April 5, 2013] – “5 Great Cheese Shops in Los Angeles”, by Chelsee Lowe

The sister-owned Cheese Cave in Claremont has made a name for itself in a short amount of time. Dommy loves showing up to “taste with abandon, chat freely with the staff and browse for hours.”




Nick Cinelli DocuFilm Festival Documentary [January, 2012] – “The Cheese Cave”, by Nick Cinelli

This is a documentary on the beautiful store in Claremont, CA: The Cheese Cave. This was filmed for a class project with some of my other classmates. It won a crowd favorite award at the 909 Film Festival.




collide-logoCollide Student Magazine [September 16, 2011] – “The Art of Eating Cheese”, by Kaitlin Schluter

Tucked away among antique stores and bistros, Cheese Cave is a refreshing escape to urban dining without the traffic. Lydia designed the modern look of the store for functionality, describing it as “approachable, but also having an element of chaotic order.”




inland-empire-mag-logoInland Empire Magazine [August, 2011] – “Cheese Whizzes” by Tammy Minn

How do you bring out the best in a good wedge of cheese? Pair it with the right wine. Sisters Marnie and Lydia Clarke, owners of the Cheese Cave in Claremont, can set you up with a stellar wine and cheese tasting platter.”




Los Angeles Magazine logoLos Angeles Magazine [October, 2010] – “Claremont” by Chris Nichols

“Thirty miles east of downtown, this burg has the look of New England and the energy of a college community”




La Verne Online logoLa Verne Online [October 17, 2010] – “The Sweet and Savory Taste of Success: Cheese Cave Definitely Worth Exploring”

“Food takes down a lot of boundaries between people,” Lydia said. “We are sharing stories and flavors, and a lot of people’s guards naturally come down. When a customer finds a cheese he or she likes, the transformation is real. “You can see their eyes light up,” Lydia said. “It’s the best feeling. They get crazy eyed.”



Daily Bulletin logoDaily Bulletin [October 3, 2010] – “Cheese shop stands alone in the Village”, by Wendy Leung

“It’s kind of like a story,” Marnie said about all the components to appreciating cheese. “There’s a beginning, middle, and an end.”




cmc forum logoClaremont McKenna FORUM [September 8, 2010] – “Smile and Say “Cheese Cave!”, by Erica Bellman

“Cheese is really a magical thing. You take perishable ingredients—milk, salt, culture, and enzymes—and they transform into a lasting food with so many distinct forms.”




Claremont Courier logoClaremont Courier [July 28, 2010] – “Opening of the Cheese Cave is nothing but grand”, by Tony Krickl

“The newest shop in the Village has quickly become a popular destination, drawing hundreds of visitors to their grand opening celebration on Saturday afternoon.”




Claremont Courier logoClaremont Courier [June 23, 2010] – “They bring style to one of Claremont’s favorite foods”, by Justin Hazelton

“As a former cheese-maker for the Winchester Cheese Company, Marnie understands the difficulty farmers and other cheese-makers go through. “Supporting them is how their cheeses end up on a resurant’s menu.”




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